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5 Tips to make your website look more professional

5 Tips to make your website look more professional

so websites are by far and away one of the most effective tools that you can use to communicate just about anything whether that be a brand a collection of work or even an online shopping experience and yet the world wide web is filled to the brim with millions upon millions of websites and so it’s super important to make a site that stands out so today we’re looking at five tips and design principles to keep in mind when designing a website this will get you on your way to getting that professional-looking website fast now.
FontsTip number one is to keep it simple so the first thing to keep in mind here is font choice and generally speaking, we want to be using San serif font such as Arial or Helvetica and not times new Romans or Garamond this is really because they are easier and therefore more simpler to read and that is what you want for your audience you should also limit yourself to a max of three different font types for your entire website and you should try and use a minimum font size of 16 which is generally considered the easiest for online reading finally don’t put too much text on any given page there are far too many examples of websites with big chunks of text around and it just makes for more work for your audience to limit the amount of text on the page and use fonts that are going to make life simpler for your audience
Tip number two make your navigation seamless it’s not the visual design of a website that determines its successor
its failure rather it’s the usability remember you’re not the person who’s clicking the mouse it’s the visitor on your page so if they can’t find something on your website and might as well not even exist so when you’re designing a website really helpful tip is to ask friends and family members to test your website’s navigation so that they can give you feedback and so that you can ensure that the user experience is as seamless as possible there’s a three-click rule that should apply to all web sites and that is the user should be able to find what they’re looking for in three clicks it doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s absolutely true don’t make navigating your website hard work for your audience otherwise they’re not sticking around.
Tip number three the color palette so for this tip you want to be really intentional about the colors you’re selecting to represent the different elements on your website whether that bit of background the navigation menu or even the fonts used throughout complementary colors helped create a balanced and visually appealing website and there are even online tools that are worthwhile checking out which help in selecting a range of colors that fit into specific visually appealing color palettes additionally make sure you use contrasting colors for your text and for the background so that’s really easy for the audience to read the information that you’re presenting to them and vibrant colors whilst okay in some areas should be used sparingly perhaps only for buttons and call-to-actions finally don’t be afraid of negative whitespace it will give you a website a modern and uncluttered look which is definitely something worth considering when designing a website
Tip number four load time everybody hates a website that takes too long to load and more often than not on a website is taking too long to load we just click away so one way to ensure that our websites have fast a lot of times is to use images that aren’t too big in file size we might be tempted to upload our images as high res as we can get them so that we can have the best quality images possible but this will lead to long load time so tools such as tiny JPEG or tiny PNG com really helpful and easy ways to reduce the file sizes of your images without losing much discernable quality.
Optimized for Mobile
tip number five optimized for mobile just about everyone is using their phone to browse the internet these days and so you really do need to prioritize optimizing your website so that it looks good on a mobile device posting it makes this outrageously easier to do it even actually does it for you which makes life very easy but this is a super important step that you want to keep in mind when designing your website now.

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